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Cygwin b19 help...

From: Adam Balgach
Subject: Cygwin b19 help...
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 11:24:06 -0500

Hello all, im having tons of problems plotting in Octave, and i think it is
because of Cygwin32 Beta 19.  When i load that up, it gives me this

Cygnus Cygwin32 B19
WARNING: bash couldn't find /tmp, please create one!

so i try to make one, by typing in
mkdir /tmp

and it says
"mkdir: cannot make directory '/tmp': No such file or directory

so ive tried creating a tmp folder through winNT with no luck.  however, if
i load up bash and type in this...

cd /
mkdir tmp

then it makes a tmp directory, but it doesnt get rid of the error message at
startup.  i think that if i could make this /tmp directory then i would be
ok.  any thoughts on how to do this? thanks.

adam balgach

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