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Re: come with gnuplot

From: Daniel Heiserer
Subject: Re: come with gnuplot
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 1999 17:41:54 +0200

..... some stuff long ago ......

gnuplot had a REALLY bad time from 1993-1998.
That covered all the 3.6.???? beta stuff and maybe some more.
They changed the copyright now.
AFAIK current is 3.7 and they work on 3.8.
So development has normalized ...

>     Daniel> I think that there is nearly NO ARGUMENT AGAINST gnuplot
>     Daniel> coming with octave.
> True, but I guess you get trouble with the copyright.  And with the
> strange rule '... you may not give it away with changed code
> ... changes must be shipped as patches ...'

That was my question.
Does the come-with-gnuplot-suggestion cause licensing problems?
If yes we have to see if we can solve it.

> For my taste a nice plotting library instead of gnuplot would be
> enough.
> Gnuplot is good but I only need 2D- and 3D-plotting functions on
> diffent devices without a second interpreter level.
> For this PLplot is nice but development has stopped.  But the GNU
> plotutils (the plot-library) comes in the future I think.

I definetly didn't want to open the door to the discussion 
There was lots of discussion's about that in the last year.
Many people talked about looked for other ones.
AFAIK the conclusion is/was 
There is nothing right there NOW wich can replace gnuplot fully.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

I also don't want to talk what the best solution is as long
as nobody PROVIDES one which works.

I think there can be a LOT of improvement with the current 
approach with a LITTLE work.
And that is what I would like to do.

Because most discussion's lead normally to the really amazing 
result that EVERYBODY has lot's of nice ideas but lives
on TIGHT TIME BUDGET. So we mostly don't see anything of it.

So please give me some more minusses:

-copyright concerns
- ....?

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