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Re: come with gnuplot

From: Joao Cardoso
Subject: Re: come with gnuplot
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 1999 16:17:21 +0100

Daniel Heiserer wrote:
> address@hidden wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> > I think it would be really enough if there is a note which version of
> > gnuplot was used to implement the interface of the current octave
> > version.
> > Then I can do the remaining path changes myself if I want.
> Sure. That is how it is right now.
> You can also have a path to your local eispack
> and to your local linpack and to your local ..
> I think that there is nearly NO ARGUMENT AGAINST gnuplot
> coming with octave.
> If you don't like it you can delete the octave-gnuplot stuff
> and put your gnuplot path in.
> I already mentioned the advantages if gnuplot comes with octave like
> +       no cases of which gnuplot version is installed for coders
> +       always an octave/gnuplot combination which takes most of the
>         advantages of gnuplot.
> +       saving time on octave's gnuplot interface ==> spending time
>         in adding new plotting features to gnuplot ==> better plotting for
> octave
> +       better communcation between octave and gnuplot.
>         I try to implement something bidrectional, so octave *get's* gnuplot's
>         answers. This is horrible for different gnuplot version's.

The same is true for Octave maintainers :-)

>         If this would be there, there would be lot's of advantages.
> +       and so on
> Now some minuses please:

gnuplot stable releases are very infrequent. Most people use beta
releases, with sometime very powerful add-ons or bugs corrected.

There would be no point in providing the sources of a stable but
obsolete release. When Octave-2.0.14 was released, the *official*
gnuplot was 3.5; do you believe that anybody was using it?

At most, it should be said what gnuplot release Octave currently support
and where the sources can be found. Perhaps in the README?

NEWS.1 says(Octave 0.71!):

  * Much improved plotting facility.  With this release, Octave does
    not require a specially modified version of gnuplot, so gnuplot
    sources are no longer distributed with Octave.  For a more

NEWS says(Octave 2.0.12)

  * gplot now supports the `axes' qualifier that is new with gnuplot


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