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Re: optimisation algorithms

From: Jalaluddin Abdullah
Subject: Re: optimisation algorithms
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 10:11:27 +0800

Gordon Haverland wrote:

> Just because code is in a book, doesn't preclude it being GPL.
> Look at perl and perl-modules.  O'Reilly and Associates publishes
> almost all of that.  And they publish books from the Linux
> Documentation Project.
> Gord

Sorry if I gave the wrong impression: the book will be copyright, but the
ideas in it (I hope there are a few good ideas in it!)
will of course be public domain, to be turned into software which is GPL or
otherwise, depending on what the program author wishes.

Incidentally, I don't really know the current state of patent law vis avis
algorithms, but what is in the book is sufficiently general and non-hardware
bound to make it unpatentable under U.S. law as it was some years ago, and in
any case I have no intention of trying to patent, as the work is a
development of other people's ideas (fixed-point method of Pyle, Kline, Bruni
et al) and I suspect such a patent would be hard to get, difficult to
enforce, and very likely to be challenged.


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