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Re: Matrices in liboctave

From: vlachidis costas
Subject: Re: Matrices in liboctave
Date: Sat, 08 May 1999 16:34:16 +0300

Good afternoon Mr Eduardo Gallestey
My questions are:
Can I use octave in image processing using images like arrays of bytes?
Scilab produces very large files because has duble precision arithmetic
so array's elements are'nt single bytes
What about looping?is  it easy or very slow?Must I use instead  small c
routines to implement fast image arrays prossesing loops ?

Eduardo Gallestey wrote:

> Dear Vlachidis,:
> Octave is most like a Matlab environment, although without the
> former's
> powerful graphical capabilities. If you don't have Matlab, it is
> surely
> a good choice. Just try it and then decide.
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