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Re: optimisation algorithms

From: Gordon Haverland
Subject: Re: optimisation algorithms
Date: Fri, 07 May 1999 06:31:06 -0600

Jalaluddin Abdullah wrote:
> I am preparing a book on optimization and have a draft which may be of
> medium term interest in the development of Octave as the approach may be
> robust and efficient especially for non-linear programming. This however
> is no GPL - just for work on Octave, as the book when ready will be for
> sale.
> It's available as a plain dvi and as a hypertext dvi. When it's ready
> probably a few freebies will be available; just ask.

Just because code is in a book, doesn't preclude it being GPL.
Look at perl and perl-modules.  O'Reilly and Associates publishes
almost all of that.  And they publish books from the Linux
Documentation Project.


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