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Re: contour AND plot(,,'o')

From: John Smith
Subject: Re: contour AND plot(,,'o')
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 23:58:22 +0000 (GMT)

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Daniel Heiserer wrote:

> Me again:
> How can I make a contour plot, hold it and the do a 'o' line plot?
> The following doesn't work. All I tried returned crap.
> octave:60> close
> octave:61> contour(z',10,y,x);
> octave:62> hold on
> octave:63> plot(pval(:,1),pval(:,2),'bo;;');
> warning: can't make 2D parametric plot -- setting noparametric...
> octave:64> Notice: cannot contour non grid data!

If I understand you correctly - then you may be doomed to failure.

One trick might be to do

   gset term table
   gset output "table.temp"
   gset output

   ... now do lots of hard work to read the file table.temp
   ... back into Octave  and draw all the contours and the
   ... extra symbols using ordinary plot(x,y) commands.

Alternatively do your contour(z1,10,x,y)
and then build little symbols using

   gset arrow 1 from 0.15,0.2 to 0.25,0.2 nohead
   gset arrow 2 from 0.2,0.15 to 0.2,0.25 nohead 
   gset label 1 "o" at 0.25,0.2 center
(use something like
  for u=1:rows(pval)
   com = sprintf("gset label %d \"o\" at %f,%f centre",u,pval(u,1),pval(u,2))

not terribly satisfactory, but may be good enough.
Has anyone got any better ideas?


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