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Re: m-code

From: doolin
Subject: Re: m-code
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 99 18:45:09 -0800

Good.  I will definitely submit m-files to this 

I agree that there is a need to lighten jwe's load
w.r.t. to development.  Having a cvs tree would be 
very helpful.

I propose the following:

1. Planning for eventual implementation of
anonymous cvs with write access to trusted 
maintainers for octave source code development.
This should help a gui project develop

2. Concurrent with source archive could be a
centralized repository of m-files, with a 
coherent and descriptive file structure
(e.g. statistics/spatial, etc.) with code
that has not been vetted for release with octave,
but should be after being appropriately debugged.

Basically, I want someplace I can contribute code.
I can't run a repository, but I can and will
write code.  

For what its worth, I have done some gui coding 
in win32 and in java.  I am just *itchin'* for
an excuse to learn GTK...

Regards from the left coast.

Dave Doolin

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