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Re: search of a code in C

From: A. Scottedward Hodel
Subject: Re: search of a code in C
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 11:23:06 -0600

>> I'm a phd student and I developpe a code in C for a special application.
>> Withen my code, I have to calculate the svd function (Singular values
>>  decomposition) of matrices.
>> I have implemented some svd algorithms, but there are faults everyday.
>> Could i ask you if you can advise me or suply me a code in C 
>> to solve my problem.
>The best library I have found for this kind of work is
>Your mileage will _certainly_ vary.  The Octave matrix
>c++ class libraries certainly work, but I found them too
>cumbersome for standalone use.  Too bad the class names
>of the two implementations are so different :-( .

Alternatively you may use the C/C++ sources of LAPACK (which is
what Octave uses).  You can get them either from Octave source
or from

A S Hodel Assoc. Prof. Dept Elect Eng, Auburn Univ,AL  36849-5201
On leave at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (205) 544-1426

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