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C++ Matrix Libraries (was: search of a code in C)

From: steve hill
Subject: C++ Matrix Libraries (was: search of a code in C)
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 19:05:48 +0000

On 18-Nov-1998,  "John W. Eaton" <address@hidden> wrote:

| Too bad there is no standard for matrix math libraries in C++.

I've been using the TNT (Template Numerical Toolkit)  Matrix libraries,
which seem very good. They are very heavily templated, and seem to work
quite well with the STL. However they are still a wee bit beta (I think
the latest version is 0.9.1), and they still lack some useful
functionality because there are some things that most compilers can't
optimise well. But they do seem to be good solid code (they come from
the same source as LAPACK++). They can be found at

>From what I have read of the philosophy behind the STL, it seems to
really support the sort of strong typing that is a help when programming
maths. I'm not saying that TNT is *the* way forwards, but I do think
having a set of Matrix libraries that integrate with the STL is a good
reason. Not only for the reasons given above, but also because I think
the ability to template really helps those who want to use the libraries
as a basis for pushing the boundaries.

That said, I have nothing against the octave c++ libraries, but then
again I don't really use them. I mainly use octave for prototyping, then
handcraft code for the full application (where matrix operations aren't
necessarily the best way of doing things).

Steve Hill
Center for Neural and Adaptive Systems
School of Computing
University of Plymouth

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