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Need help on DLFs (dynamically linked functions)

From: Wonkoo Kim
Subject: Need help on DLFs (dynamically linked functions)
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 98 03:12:39 -0400

I'm using Octave 2.0.13 for OS/2.
First of all, thanks for answers to my previous query on DLF.
Though I could successfully run a small examples and I've spend 
some time on DLFs, but I'm not yet familiar enough with DLFs to
adapt my C codes to Octave.  So, I'd like to see some more 
example codes.

Suppose I want an Octave function:  

 [mat_x, vec_y, string_z] = func (mat_a, vec_b, int_c, string_d)

and suppose I have my own C code that does the same job as
func(), with variables double a[][], b[], int c, char *d, etc.
However, my problem is that I don't know how to connect Octave
function arguments (or return values) to the variables of my code.
Would you please show me short examples?  (Or, point me a site.)

I write C codes, but not C++ codes.  So, if I want to keep the most 
part of my C functions untouched, how do I wrap C codes for Octave
DLFs?  (However, I'm willing to modify my C codes for C++ Octave


// Wonkoo Kim (address@hidden)

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