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Re: win95 again

From: Mumit Khan
Subject: Re: win95 again
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 01:47:11 -0500

"John Fletcher" <address@hidden> writes:
> Has any work been done to implement octave using mingw32 rather than 
> Cygnus win32, which from teh web sites should make it quicker?

To get Octave to build under mingw32, one would have to emulate the
subprocess management and signals, both of which are hard to do without
resorting to Win32 API (the C runtime is strictly ANSI with just a few 
POSIX routines thrown in for good measure).

I went through this when I ported our simulation software, and ended
up using Mingw32 for the computational part and cygwin32 for the
simulation management module which I didn't feel like rewriting.
Essentially I have the same code except for a few emulation routines
that runs on Unix and Win32.

The reason I went with Mingw32 is strictly performance -- in some cases 
10-15x speedups for some of the CPU and/or I/O intensive numerical codes.
I still have nightmares however trying to get around bugs in some of 
Microsoft C runtime routines (CRTDLL and MSVCRT). 


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