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Re[2]: Octave & C++/Octave and symbolic math

Subject: Re[2]: Octave & C++/Octave and symbolic math
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 98 15:00:09 +0100

     A lot of people agree on "Do one thing and do it well".
     Anyway it migth be worthwile to spend some thougths on how to 
     interface Octave and Maxima. Personally I never used Maxima so I can't 
     contribute very much to such a discussion.
     Maybe that it's possible to write some simple m-file that permits to 
     export data-structures in a way that Maxima can interprete these and 
     vice-versa (matrices, vectors, elementary functions).
     Is Maxima currently maintained and is there a such a thing like the 
     Octave web-site?

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Subject: Re: Octave & C++/Octave and symbolic math 
Author:  <address@hidden > at NOVARALINK
Date:    6/5/98 7:18 AM

Hi there,
In my opinion, this is something which lies completely outside the 
scope of a package like octave. I am using it because it gives a fast 
and convenient access to reliable, robust, and fast numerical 
methods. Therefore, it is an ideal tool for  n u m e r i c a l 
experiments. It is by far faster than matlab. Octave helps me a lot 
in research and teaching (Thanks to jwe!). Integrating other tools 
like symbolic math lead to A completely new package. Presently, I do 
not know of a satisfying integration of both sides of computations. 
Even commercial products do not try it. A more pressing question is 
the inclusion of sparse numerics (IMO).
Conclusion: I think that one should not spent time for building a new 
"elefant" but rather restrict octave to its basics.
PS. Sometimes I have the impression that there is the believe that 
everything should be (re)programmed in C++ today. U*x has nice tools 
for integrating sources from different languages, so use them. M.
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