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Re: Octave & C++/Octave and symbolic math

From: Mario Storti
Subject: Re: Octave & C++/Octave and symbolic math
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 10:33:48 -0300

Just to add my 2 cents to the  discussion and in order  to be brief, I
support completely the opinion of Michael Hanke posted just before.

Prior  to  moving to the   Linux/Octave world   I worked with  Matlab,
Mathematica and Maple under Windows.   Full inclusion of symbolic math
in Octave will result  in a much bigger and  slower code. Also, syntax
should change dramatically. When  I tried to do numerical computations
in Maple  or Mathematica they resulted in  much longer scripts than in
Matlab. The solution of having some kind of interaction between Octave
and an external symbolic package seems appealing  and much more in the
"Unix spirit".

On the other hand, I'm very interested in having sparse support. Right
now, I'm using a Fortran skyline solver  that I run externally and use
"popen2" to pipe  results from  and to  the  Fortran  code.  It  works
reasonably well but I  wish to write a .oct  file. However I'm  new to
C++ and  I   didn't found a  simple  example  (like  in
Fortran.  I looked at some of the  Fortran packages like lsode, etc...
but I didn't understand fully the mechanism of  making .oct files from



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