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pass arguments to functions without ()

From: Daniel Heiserer
Subject: pass arguments to functions without ()
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 14:50:00 +0200

1) I want to write a function, whichs syntax is  similar to "load balba
That means I want to pass the strings "balba" and "-blabla" to "load"
without using the brackets (load("balba","-blabla")). How can i do this?

2) How can I talk to gnuplot. I know gset, gplot, replot. Can I pipe all
the over commands as well?
e.g. "save" and whatever?

Thanks for current and former help. Yours

mfg                                 Daniel Heiserer
Daniel Heiserer, BMW AG, Knorrstrasse 147, 80788 Muenchen
Abteilung EK-20
Tel.: 089-382-21187, Fax.: 089-382-42820

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