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Simple Matrix Manipulation Extressions

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Simple Matrix Manipulation Extressions
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 02:36:13 -0600

On  8-Nov-1997, john <address@hidden> wrote:

|       Are there any simple expressions for these octave expressions:
| In each case I introduce loops, multiplications or something a bit
| horrible to achieve something fairly simple.
| 1. given matrix A and row vector V , add V to every row of A
|         A + ones(rows(A),1) * V
| 2. similar problem for multiply:
|         A * diag(V)
|     or  A .* ones(rows(A),1) * V

Some future version of Octave will probably allow things like

  A .+ V


  A .* V

to do what you expect.  For now, you have to use a multiplication or
indexing tricks to convert the vector to a matrix of the proper size.

| 3. given a matrix A and a scalar s, take the minimum of an element of the
|    matrix and the scalar.
|         (A < s) .* A + (s <= A) .* s)

min (A, s)

| 4. given two same sized matrices A, B, find the pair-wise minimum of each 
|    element:
|         (A < B) .* A + (A >= B) .* B

min (A, B)

I don't know of better ways to do the other tasks you mention.


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