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Simple Matrix Manipulation Extressions

From: john
Subject: Simple Matrix Manipulation Extressions
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 1997 10:55:09 +0000 (GMT)

      Are there any simple expressions for these octave expressions:
In each case I introduce loops, multiplications or something a bit
horrible to achieve something fairly simple.

1. given matrix A and row vector V , add V to every row of A

        A + ones(rows(A),1) * V

2. similar problem for multiply:

        A * diag(V)
    or  A .* ones(rows(A),1) * V

3. given a matrix A and a scalar s, take the minimum of an element of the
   matrix and the scalar.

        (A < s) .* A + (s <= A) .* s)

4. given two same sized matrices A, B, find the pair-wise minimum of each 
        (A < B) .* A + (A >= B) .* B
5. given a (big) matrix A, and (small) vector V, for each element a
   of A find the number of V elements smaller than a

        count = zeros(size(A)) ;
        for r=1:n
          count = count + (V(r) < A) ;

   Is there a way to avoid the loop? we can sort the V if that helps.

   For A a scalar we might do something like

        count = sum( V < A ) ;

6. V is a vector, r is a matrix of integer indices into V. I seek to
   build a matrix with the size of r, of elements of V

      for i1=1:rows(r)
         for i2=1:columns(r)
           W(i1,i2) = V(r(i1,i2));

    or (faster)

      W = V(r) ;
      W = reshape(W, rows(r), columns(r)) ;

7. rx and ry are same sized integer matrices, A is a matrix. I seek to
   use r1 and r2 as indices into A to form a new matrix:

      for i1 = 1:rows(rx)
        for i2 = 1:columns(rx)
          B(i1,i2) = A( rx(i1,i2)) , ry(i1,i2)) ) ;

   The equivalent vector expression  W=V(r) is very simple. 
   The loops can be avoided by reshaping the matrices to vectors, working
   in vectors, and reshaping back afterwards.

For each case I do have a solution, but generally I don't like it.


Sorry if I should have RTFMed a bit more carefully.

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