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Memory limits

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Memory limits
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 03:08:07 -0600

On 23-Oct-1997, John Logsdon <address@hidden> wrote:

| Recently, I have occasionally run out of memory with 2.0.9 linux version
| (rh4.1) on a 64Mb m/c with 70Mb swap space.  I am using a lot of space -
| top indicates generally 37M and up to about 45M.  When I load the data up,
| it takes about 10-12M, which is about right.  I have a number of vectors
| about 250000 long! 
| I realise of course that calcs generally take up temporary storage but
| even so I have worked out that when nothing is being done, there is
| sometimes more space allocated than necessary, particularly in the memory
| and swap allocation reported by top.

Perhaps there is a bug.  I can't tell without a complete example that
demonstrates the problem.  Can submit a complete bug report to
address@hidden so that it might be possible for someone
else to debug what is happening?  A small example is helpful, but not
absolutely necessary.



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