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Re: Re: fatal errors running octave 2.09 under Irix6.2 (in

From: Jonathan King
Subject: Re: Re: fatal errors running octave 2.09 under Irix6.2 (in
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 01:12:43 -0700

jwe wrote:
>On 21-Aug-1997, Jonathan King <address@hidden> wrote:
>| This might be relevant:  The package I grabbed off of netlib claimed
>| to build the whole libf2c in one fell swoop rather than libI77 and
>| libF77. But it did seem to build a libf2c.a (not a and
>| put it where it was supposed to in /usr/freeware/lib.  However...
>It's probably ok that libf2c is not a shared library.

But probably not okay that libf2c as built doesn't seem to have any
global symbols in it. :-(

This is the root of the problem, it appears: the config test for
libf2c was checking for f_open (or something), saw nothing, and
decided libf2c didn't really exist. It did exist, but it was
useless.  I can force it to use the useless libraries by editing
Makeconf, but unsurprisingly, that's useless, too.

I'm having similar problems with libF77 and libI77 packages which I
also pulled off of netlib.  I haven't figured out how to tweak the
makefiles supplied with any of these to generate usable libraries
yet, but I expect that will become clear after I get some sleep.
(Probably I should just figure out what octave was doing and do
that, too.)

At the moment, I'm still lost in a battle of whose ar to use (gnu vs
Irix) and/or how to get Irix to create something gcc can use
(apparently also involves 32- vs. 64-bin issues as well; urgh).

Anyway, assuming I discover the magical incantations tomorrow, would
anybody else out there be interested if I made up a binary
distribution of octave for Irix 6.2?


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