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fatal errors running octave 2.09 under Irix6.2 (in

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: fatal errors running octave 2.09 under Irix6.2 (in
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 19:57:14 -0500

On 20-Aug-1997, Jonathan King <address@hidden> wrote:

| But this is Irix6.2, so it took me the better part of two days to
| get a working gcc2.7.2.2 and libg++ (binaries from
|, a working gmake, a
| functional f2c (I think? It compiled correctly anyway...) and a
| surprisingly uneventful make of octave, which even runs.  And lots
| of things work.  Except if you try something like:
| octave:25> a\b
| 11283:octave: rld: Fatal Error: attempted access to unresolvable symbol in 
/usr/lib/ d_sign
| What symbols are unresolvable change with the exact function (e.g.,
| it's pow_di when you try "eig" and s_cat for "svd" and "pinv"), but
| something is obviously wrong with parts of :-(
| Interestingly, though, ffts work fine.  Random numbers work.  "lu"
| does not work.  I sort of detect the pattern here, but not the answer.
| The only other clue I have is that I had to create symbolic links
| from /usr/lib to the .so libraries in /usr/freeware/lib, which
| presumably had something to do with a load path variable somewhere.
| But I don't see how this accounts for the current misbehavior.  And
| all my friends are beginning to think I'm insane at best.
| Does anybody have any clues here?

Some, but I can only guess because you haven't provided all the
information I need.  (Useful information includes whatever would
normally be part of a complete bug report.)

Anyway, my guess is that since the unresolved functions that you
mention are all from the libF77 part of libf2c, something is not right
with your installation of libf2c.  Did you include all the .o files
from libI77 and libF77 when you built libf2c?  What was the output
from running configure on your system?  What was the final link
command when you built Octave?


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