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Hacked gnuplot/win32 binaries NOT AVAILABLE ANY MORE

From: Mumit Khan
Subject: Hacked gnuplot/win32 binaries NOT AVAILABLE ANY MORE
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 14:43:22 -0500

In compliance with gnuplot's copyright (no right to distribute modified
binaries, blah blah blah), I've removed the binaries from my web page.
If you feel this is annoying as hell, do send a message to the gnuplot
team at <address@hidden>.

Re-reading the copyright statement, it seems that distributing even source
patch is NOT ok.

Now that I know that the "gnu" in "gnuplot" was just accidental, and
not what it seems (I know that everybody else knew this, but I've never
had to use gnuplot since I have access to other packages, so never knew), 
I'm a bit concerned about octave's dependence on gnuplot for graphics.


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