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octave-2.0.9-i386-cygwin32 (b18) binary available

From: Mumit Khan
Subject: octave-2.0.9-i386-cygwin32 (b18) binary available
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 10:43:34 -0500

I just uploaded the octave 2.0.9 binaries for Windows '95/NT (using
Cygnus' gnu-win32 project beta 18) to my gnu-win32 web page. Please 
see for more

>From my minimal testing, it works at least as well (or as badly, 
depending on your perspective ;-) as 2.0.5 under gnu-win32 b18.

Might want to pick up the hacked gnuplot as well if you want plotting
capabilities. Available from the same place mentioned above. I've now
included "less.exe" in the distribution to avoid pager related questions.

No changes were needed to octave source.

    - Gnu-win32 stuff from Cygnus
    - Pick up a copy of the hacked gnuplot from my gnu-win32 page.

Doesn't work:
    - info doesn't work, so "help -i" gets you nowhere.
    - hacked gnuplot can't handle events sicne it's blocked waiting for
      input from octave, so simple things like raising the window on top
      by clicking on it doesn't work -- have to close the plot and

Not quite there:
    - Due to a bug in bash in gnu-win32, I had to modifiy the 
      install-octave script so that you have to give it a "prefix" 
      argument and the script then installs it w/out asking
      confirmation. eg., invoke install-octave as follows:
      % ./install-octave /Programs/octave

      Do not supply a DRIVE letter (eg., c:/Programs/octave) since that
      causes some problems (sed in this case).

    - Due to C++ front-end bugs in 970404 snapshot (one supplied with
      b17.1), building octave is a non-trivial task under b18. I 
      basically built everything with b18 c++ except for the pieces
      that use the stream classes, and built those with b17.1 c++.

Mumit -- address@hidden

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