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octave-2.0.8-i386-cygwin32 (b18) binary available

From: Mumit Khan
Subject: octave-2.0.8-i386-cygwin32 (b18) binary available
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 01:13:47 -0500

I just uploaded the octave 2.0.8 binaries for Windows '95/NT (using
Cygnus' gnu-win32 project) to my gnu-win32 web page. Please see for more

>From my minimal testing, it works at least as well (or as badly, 
depending on your perspective ;-) as 2.0.5 under gnu-win32 b18.

Might want to pick up the hacked gnuplot as well if you want plotting
capabilities. Available from the same place mentioned above.

    - Gnu-win32 stuff from Cygnus

Doesn't work:
    - info doesn't work, so "help -i" gets you nowhere.

Not quite there:
    - Due to a bug in bash in gnu-win32, I had to modifiy the 
      install-octave script so that you have to give it a "prefix" 
      argument and the script then installs it w/out asking
      confirmation. eg., invoke install-octave as follows:
      % ./install-octave /Programs/octave

      Do not supply a DRIVE letter (eg., c:/Programs/octave) since that
      causes some problems (sed in this case).

    - Due to C++ front-end bugs in 970404 snapshot (one supplied with
      b17.1), building octave is a non-trivial task under b18. I 
      basically built everything with b18 c++ except for the pieces
      that use the stream classes, and built those with b17.1 c++.

The sole change to octave source code was the following:

---        Mon Jun 23 23:22:06 1997
+++   Mon Jun 23 23:22:20 1997
@@ -155,6 +155,10 @@
 // XXX FIXME XXX -- some systems define struct __exception.
+#ifdef __CYGWIN32__
+# define exception __exception
 #if defined (EXCEPTION_IN_MATH)
 extern "C"

Mumit -- address@hidden

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