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Re: octave-2.0.8-i386-cygwin32 (b18) binary available

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: octave-2.0.8-i386-cygwin32 (b18) binary available
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 11:34:59 -0500

On 24-Jun-1997, Mumit Khan <address@hidden> wrote:

| address@hidden writes:
| > 2) If I do "sombrero(20)" then try to go back to "plot([1 2])"
| > I get an error message about set noparametric.  This seems
| > like it should be easy to fix, no?
| This is not win32 specific. Happens on my linux box as well. I do agree
| that it should be easy to fix, but not sure where. Either routines like
| plot should reset parameters before starting, or routines like mesh
| (called with sombrero) should reset parameters before exiting.

Unfortunately not trivial, but perhaps not too hard either.  I'll try
to take a look at it for 2.0.9.



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