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Re: Segmentation faults and plot failures

From: Craig Earls
Subject: Re: Segmentation faults and plot failures
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 19:17:58 -0500

Mario Storti wrote:

> I had almost   the  same  problems  with an   ELF  1.1.1  binary   for
> Linux. Then I couldn't compile 1.9x neither 1.1.1. Then I downloaded a
> statically  compiled binary and had   no  problems.  Try a  statically
> compiled 1.1.1  from,   it's very  robust.  I
> installed it with no problems in several systems.
> Mario
That did the trick! It even plots correctly. What makes me mad is that I
thought of downloading that binary, but the filelength was exactly the
same as the binary on a CD-ROM I have, one that wasn't statically
linked, and didn't work. 

Many thanks,

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