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Re: LaTeX output

From: Andreas Kratzert
Subject: Re: LaTeX output
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 11:50:44 MEZ

Heber Farnsworth wrote:
> In my work I do a lot of statistical analysis and present them in
> tables in my papers.  I am trying to write a function which creates a
> LaTeX file from a matrix.  It seems to work fine except that I can't find
> a way to get Octave to print a \ character as is \begin{tabular} or
> \end{tabular}  (this will only make sense to LaTeX users).  The first
> gives me egin{tabular} and the second gives the warning

You have to double the \ character:
    printf ("\\begin  \\end");


Andreas Kratzert
Universitaet Erlangen, Lehrstuhl fuer Technische Elektronik
email: address@hidden

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