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fread/fwrite matlab --> octave

From: Fabrizio Nozza
Subject: fread/fwrite matlab --> octave
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 14:07:07 +0100

i have installed octave 1.1.1 on my Crimson SGI (S.O 5.2 64Mb Ram 2Gb Scsi
I have some problem to read an image that contains signed integer of 16 bit (in
matlab it is possible using int16 in fread command), I have tried different
format (as suggested in the manual, short, ushort, char etc.) without results.
I have read in Octave faq mailing list a mail of address@hidden (Jan
10 1995) about this problem but there are two little problem:
1) this mail speaks about octave 1.0
2) this mail reports only the difference between modified files.

I have send an e-mail to address@hidden and for the moment  I  haven't
recevied an answer, perhaps someone could help me ?

Thanks in advance

Fabrizio Nozza            
Istituto di Biofisica               
Facolta' di Medicina e Chirurgia      
Universita' di Genova                      
Via Giotto 2 16154 Sestri P. Genova Italia
Tel. 39-10-65.160.52 Fax. 39-10-65.077.21

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