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Octave Controls toolbox update

From: A. Scottedward Hodel
Subject: Octave Controls toolbox update
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 10:57:16 -0600

The original controls toolbox was developed by my grad students about
1.5 years ago.  A beta release updated controls toolbox for Octave
is available by anon ftp at in 
pub/hodel/OctContr951215.tar.gz.  Changes include:

        Updated Demo program
        new texinfo documentation (still quite terse)
        improved tests for controllability/observability via Krylov
                subspace techniques
        improved block diagram manipulation with packed system format
        LQG/H2/Hinf controller design (tutorials not yet written)

The LQG/H2/Hinf code is not as general as Matlab's toolbox yet.  I've only
implemented what's in the standard texts and the DGKF paper, which requires 
some orthogonality conditions on input/output matrices (no cross-correlation).
Discrete-time controller design needs implemented yet as well.  

The tar file can be unloaded directly onto octave-1.1.1, i.e.

        cd octave-1.1.1
        gunzip -c OctContr951215.tar.gz | tar -xvf -
        make install

Only those files updated from octave-1.1.1 are included in the tar file.

I welcome any bug-reports and suggestions.  This work is being done
under contract, so some suggestions will get a faster response than
others.  :-)  My current priorities are improved documentation and 
eliminating duplicated code [transparent to the user].

A S Hodel Dept. of Elect Eng, 200 Broun Hall Auburn Univ, AL 36849 (334)8441854 
FAX:-1809    address@hidden 

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