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Re: fread/fwrite matlab --> octave

From: Darrel Hankerson
Subject: Re: fread/fwrite matlab --> octave
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 1995 08:07:19 -0600 (CST)

address@hidden writes:

   # I have some problem to read an image that contains signed integer of 
   # 16 bit (in matlab it is possible using int16 in fread command)

   I made a patch for octave-1.0 to enhance the octave compatibility
   to matlab concerning raw file i/o including document patches. This
   patch wa[s] delivered to jwe without getting an answer. Also I made 
   such a patch for octave-1.1.0 and octave-1.1.1, but delivering it to
   jwe was without success. 

The ability to use the matlab

  image = fread(fid, [height, width], 'uchar')';

would be welcomed. For example, this makes it easy to read raw (P5) 
graymap files.

--Darrel Hankerson address@hidden

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