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Re: Newbie questions -- Weird Problem

From: Billy Chow
Subject: Re: Newbie questions -- Weird Problem
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 95 15:34:08 BST

>>>>> "John" == John C Campbell <address@hidden> writes:

John> Strings functionality is not as complete in Octave as it is in
John> MATLAB; however there are some ways to get by.  I use 'toascii'
John> and 'setstr' convert strings to and from numerical values.
John> Numerical comparisons can then be made.  It makes using strings
John> a little extra work for right now.  I do believe that John is
John> planning to improve string functionality in the near future.

Thanks.  But I tried setstr and it didn't work on matrices, ie if
you type a=['AB';'CD'] you get a=[65 66;67 68].  If you use setstr
now on a, you get a VECTOR `ACBD'.

Anyway thanks for telling me that.


John> John Campbell

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