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HELP a newbie - Weird problem

From: Billy Chow
Subject: HELP a newbie - Weird problem
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 95 16:57:16 BST

Dear list members,

I worte to the list a few days ago about the problem I have with the
variable `whitespace_in_literal_matrix' and so far received no reply.
I really want to know why this happens, is it due to a problem in my
setup or a bug in octave.  Here is a summary:


   -8Mb 486DX-33
   -Linux 1.2.8 (slackware 2.3)
   -Octave 1.1.1


   -Start octave clean (no .octaverc), and type 

          Ans = 1
          Octave:2>whitespace_in_literal_matrix = 'traditional';
          Ans = 1

    Good! no problem but if we ...
   -Start octave clean, and type

          Octave:1>whitespace_in_literal_matrix = 'traditional';
          Parse error in line 59 of conv.m
The same error if I put the line ``whitespace_in_literal_matrix =
'traditional''' in a .octaverc.  This line is suggested in the FAQ for
better Matlab combatibility.  I don't believe I am the first one to
following suggestions in the FAQ and put the line in a .octaverc.
Somebody must have come across this problem and might even have a
solution.  Please some kind soul enlighten me.  Or just try the above
out and tell me if you have the same outcome.



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