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Re: HELP a newbie - Weird problem

From: Darrel Hankerson
Subject: Re: HELP a newbie - Weird problem
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 1995 11:50:18 -0500

             Ans = 1
             Octave:2>whitespace_in_literal_matrix = 'traditional';
             Ans = 1

       Good! no problem but if we ...
      -Start octave clean, and type

             Octave:1>whitespace_in_literal_matrix = 'traditional';
             Parse error in line 59 of conv.m

I'm not an octave expert, but I suspect this is due to the way
octave "compiles" source files. In your second example, the
variable is set before the first call to conv. 

The offending lines are of the form 

    x = [b, zeros (1, ly - lb)];

The problem is that octave wants to insert a comma between
"zeros" and "(". I'm not certain if this is an octave bug or a
bug in m/polynomial/conv.m.

--Darrel Hankerson address@hidden

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