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Re: Newbie questions -- Weird Problem

From: John C. Campbell
Subject: Re: Newbie questions -- Weird Problem
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 1995 08:32:38 CDT

address@hidden (Billy Chow) wrote:

|      Octave:1> aa=['foo';'bar']
|      aa = 102 111 111
|           98  97  114
| Strings are converted to ASCII values.

Strings functionality is not as complete in Octave as it is in MATLAB;
however there are some ways to get by.  I use 'toascii' and 'setstr'
convert strings to and from numerical values.  Numerical comparisons
can then be made.  It makes using strings a little extra work for
right now.  I do believe that John is planning to improve string
functionality in the near future.  

John Campbell

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