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From: Eyal Doron
Subject: Multiplot
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 14:08:10 +0100 (MET DST)

   I can't get multiplot with gnuplot 3.6 (patch level 212) working.
I use "subplot(221)", followed by "plot" commands. I see the following

1) Nothing shows up unless I enter "clearplot" between plots.

2) I can't get more than 2 plots to be visible. The procedure
   subplot(221); plot(1:10); subplot(222); clearplot; plot(1:20); clearplot;
gives me two subplots, but an additional
   subplot(223); plot(1:30); clearplot
only shows me the last two plots; the first one has disappeared.

I'm running Octave 1.1.1 on a Dec Alpha OSF/1 3.0. Anyone got multiplot
to run on such a platform?

BTW, what is the latest set of multiplot .M files? They change all the
time, and I don't know iof I have a consistent set.

   Eyal Doron

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