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Re: octave

From: John Eaton
Subject: Re: octave
Date: Mon, 22 May 95 21:23:14 EDT

address@hidden (Johan Patyn) wrote:

: After installing octave-1.1.1 (binary version for AXP/OSF1 V3.0, running
: on an DEC 3000/600 - 64 MB memory) and testing the program with some
: rather small routines, everything looks OK.
: However when running a rather big and complicated program (which is using
: dassl and fsolve) I always get :
: " sendsig: can't grow stack , pid 25035, proc octave.bin, sig 11, pc=
:  0x1200f2ec"
: afterwards, the program stops, with a segementation faultand a core dump.

I am not certain what would cause this problem.  Perhaps you are
encountering a stack size limit on the Alpha.  On the Alpha system
that I have access to, the stack size is limited to 2 MB initially,
but can be increased to 32 MB using the command `limit stacksize unlimited' 
(in csh), or `ulimit -s unlimited' (in bash).


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