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From: Johan Patyn
Subject: octave
Date: Tue, 9 May 1995 07:41:58 +0200

Dear Sir,

After installing octave-1.1.1 (binary version for AXP/OSF1 V3.0, running
on an DEC 3000/600 - 64 MB memory) and testing the program with some
rather small routines, everything looks OK.

However when running a rather big and complicated program (which is using
dassl and fsolve) I always get :
" sendsig: can't grow stack , pid 25035, proc octave.bin, sig 11, pc 0x1200f2ec"
afterwards, the program stops, with a segementation faultand a core dump.

The routines used, are OK, and are running on other stations, such as

Is there anyone, who has any idea about the reason for this behaviour?
Or is it just a matter of tuning the octave-program whith some options?

With anticipated thanks,

Dr. J. Patyn
VITO-Mol (Belgium)
Johan Patyn
| Johan Patyn             -    Dienst Informatiesystemen |
| VITO - Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek |
|        Boeretang 200,       B-2400 Mol,         Belgiƫ |
| Tel: +32 14 335323                  FAX: +32 14 314166 |
| E-Mail : address@hidden                                |

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