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Re: octave memory allocation problem ?

From: John Eaton
Subject: Re: octave memory allocation problem ?
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 95 16:25:51 EDT

address@hidden (Darrel Hankerson) wrote:

: One other "bug": Under Linux and Solaris 2.3, if a user quits the
: gnuplot window, then octave cannot do more plots.

This is a known problem.  I think the correct fix is to make Octave
catch SIGCHLD to notice that the gnuplot subprocess has exited, close
the current plot stream, and open a new one, but that has not been
implemented yet.  Until Octave does this automatically, it should work
to execute a `closeplot' command followed by other plotting commands.

BTW, if you have bugs to report, please send a complete report to
address@hidden instead of sending mail to help-octave.
This is not to keep readers of help-octave in the dark about bugs, but
to avoid cluttering up help-octave with things that really belong in
bug-octave.  If the readers of help-octave wanted to receive bug
reports, they probably would have subscribed to bug-octave too.

If you want to know what bugs have been reported without actually
subscribing to bug-octave, get the archive of old bug-octave messages




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