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Re: multiplot gnu under octave?

From: Vinayak Dutt
Subject: Re: multiplot gnu under octave?
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 95 07:37:08 CDT

#       thanks again for the subplot command. I seem to be having two 
#difficulties. The most important one is that i cant seem to use it to get 
#two plots on one gnuplot_x11 screen. i can get one half size plot in the 
#desired position, or i can get the other half size plot in the desired 
#position, but not both half size plots at the same time. Can you tell me 
#explicitly what commands i should type to achive this desired goal? 

there is one problem with multiplot mode when displaying multiple plots. the 
plots are not displayed till you switch back to single plot mode. so once you 
have drawn all the subplots, switch back to single plot with "set nomulitplot" 
and you will see all the subplots on X11 display. of course, you will have to go
back to multiplot mode to display more multiple plots.

i also notice that Niles subplot() function does not set
gnuplot in multiplot mode. so you will have to do that
before using subplot(): "set multiplot".

by the way, i have written a bunch of routines also for multiplot
mode. if other users want them, then i can post those routines to this
mailing list.

 * vinayak dutt
 * graduate student, ultrasound research
 * mayo graduate school, rochester mn
 * e-mail: address@hidden
 *         address@hidden
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