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Re: multiplot gnu under octave?

From: niles
Subject: Re: multiplot gnu under octave?
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 95 08:04:26 -0400

>I seem to be having two difficulties. The most important one is that
>i cant seem to use it to get two plots on one gnuplot_x11 screen. i
>can get one half size plot in the desired position, or i can get the
>other half size plot in the desired position, but not both half size
>plots at the same time. Can you tell me explicitly what commands i
>should type to achive this desired goal? I thought i was doing it just
>like the help comments suggested. Could it be that there is a gnuplot
>variable i need to set to tell gnuplot not to clear the previous
>drawing when a new plot is invoked?

Ok I admit I stole the help from some other file and it's not quite
right for my subplot...It's just I wrote it for myself and hadn't planned
on exporting it...

I'm sorry I can't help much more though since I don't use it anymore...I can't
deal with what the woo patch does to my postscript.  Let see what I can 

1) You must start multiplot first...(cmd: multiplot?)
2) You may have to use hold in between plots (Though I don't think so)
3) I think jwe reworte part of the gplot interface and now my subplot
has the above problem...(it worked w/ octave 1.0)

Sorry when I posted it I should of said these things.  If anyone gets it
working perhaps they could response.

        Rick Niles.

jwe: I still think this was the most important thing missing from Octave.
(and the string handling).

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