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Re: [help-GIFT] error with file names containing spaces

From: Wolfgang Mueller
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] error with file names containing spaces
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 12:06:20 +0200

On Friday 19 October 2001 11:10, MUELLER Henning wrote:
> Hi,
> I just got an error report from the institute of intellectual property
> which is using the gift. They often get somehow random results when
> submitting a new query image to the systems, and the image itself is not
> shown on screen, but only a broken link.

OK. Probably "random" results with zero score?? Anyway, I am not sure about 

> I took a look at some of the images and the effect is reproducible from
> here. The file names are long, contain spaces and umlauts. When I change
> the name to a small name without spaces the query works correct. (ie
> 200110181427hzoSchild mit Krone und Löwen.jpg)

Anyway, the killer is, that I do not properly escape the URL. The other 
killer is that the file names are derived from the URL. This is one of the 
reasons why I am for moving to a database, we do not have to think about file 
name formats...

On second thought, what kills it is that the HTML request fails in the 
feature extractor hack. This is one of the things I mean with solution of 
infrastructural problems, this is why I am for a feature extractor framework. 

> The images are transmitted properly via the php interface, but where
> exactly does the error occur?
> If the image is somehow broken and no features can be extracted wouln't
> it be better to not transmit any images instead of sending random images
> (or may be the first or last of the url2fts file)?

Yes there is no question about that.

> I think that we have been talking about error handling for a while now.
> May be we should make a list of error messages and define their
> transmission in mrml.

There are error messages in MRML. What I would suggest, would be adding an 
"error-level" attribute to the error tag. This is more useful (IMHO) than 
having errors and warnings: you could configure the client to let only errors 
starting at level 1/2/3 through...


Dr. Wolfgang Müller, assistant == teaching assistant
Personal page: 
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