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Re: [h-e-w] File type association defaults

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] File type association defaults
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 18:56:12 +0200
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Kelly O'Hara wrote:

Actually, during the installation process using the EmacsW32 executable
installation tool, there is a step that asks if you want to set
associations and will build a list of probable files to associate.  It


I only wanted to point out that the part of the installation that
suggests the gnuclient command to use for file type associations does
not have quotations around the filename parameter and that will
instantiate a problem that will manifest as an attempt to open multiple
files for every space separation in the full pathname.  I understand
that I ultimately have created the associations but the suggested
version provided by the installer did not provide the quotations and
someone who does not understand this as much but does want to build the
textfile association would think there is a problem with it if they try
to edit a file on their desktop.

I mean no insult nor do I intend to start a flame war, just point out a
minor annoyance of a glitch that exists in the current code somewhere.

Hi Kelly,

I wrote EmacsW32 and I am very glad you are telling me about the problem. I have tried to supply quotation marks in all cases where I found them to be useful and not cause troubles. I think I have simply forgotten to include them in one case. Thanks for reporting so I could fix this. If you give me some more information I will upload a new version of EmacsW32.

What version of EmacsW32 are you using now? What version of Emacs itself?
Could you tell what "ftype emacsfile" on the command line gives for output?
Could you also tell the corresponding info for the file types where the associations did not work?

If ultimately my suggestion is not desired here then I will promptly
resume my work with the more traditional gnuclient/gnuserv setup and
remove any associations I have with your attempt to ease installation on
Windows-based platforms.
It is desired! I have actually waited for some comments about this. However please notice that EmacsW32 is not a part of Emacs (but it might be later on). Asking questions here is in my opinion still the best. The only responsible person for EmacsW32 is however me.

FYI: There is currently work going on in porting emacsclient/server to MS Windows. As soon as this is finished EmacsW32 should get support for this too. However because of a technical problem which no one so far has been able to (or has had time to) spot this has stopped at the moment. If anyone is interested in helping out please look at the developers list:

Look for "100% CPU on TCP servers".

Kind regards,

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