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Re: Guix "R" Us - GNU's joy store!

From: jgart
Subject: Re: Guix "R" Us - GNU's joy store!
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2021 19:22:13 -0500

On Wed, 29 Dec 2021 00:27:04 +0100 raingloom <> wrote:
> TLDR how much of the effort spent on this channel is really justified
> compared to making the underserved use-cases easier in upstream Guix?

If there's any particular packages that should be sent upstream feel
free to take them from GuixRUs and send a patch to upstream. Just add
the original packager as co-author out of courtesy. Also, let us know by
linking the ticket number so that we can remove them from the channel. We
also read the commit history daily to stay up to date as we are also
regular contributors to upstream.

If there are any packages that build solely with package transformation
options from the cli and they are currently in GuixRUs also let us know and
we'll remove them after testing.

See the other points in my previous email for more reasons to
have GuixRUs (pre-releases, nightlies (olive), alpha software
(, vis-lsp, etc...).  I think people
should explore having channels for the sake of just exploring having a
channel. It allows those without commit access to have the freedom to
explore and navigate Guix how they want and at the pace that they'd
like to develop at without fully depending on upstream. Channels can
assist upstream when proper communication is involved. I also think
channels can function as a testing ground before sending a patch for
review to upstream.

The following is just two example channels that have served as a testbed
before sending to upstream:

GuixRUs is not a new idea. GuixRUs is like any other guix channel out
in the wild. We just want to have our own small channel as a small
community. We encourage others to start their own channels and we're
working on making starting a channel easier for newcomers in the near
future. Stay tuned!

I hope that further clarified/contextualized some points on GuixRUs I made
in previous emails. If not, feel free to reply with further questions. Thank
you for your interest.

all best,


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