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Re: Guix "R" Us - GNU's joy store!

From: jgart
Subject: Re: Guix "R" Us - GNU's joy store!
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2021 08:40:20 -0500

On Tue, 28 Dec 2021 13:14:45 +0100 Ricardo Wurmus <> wrote:
> jgart <> writes:
> > * Yet to be merged upstream.
> Are these going to be submitted and merged upstream eventually?  

Hi Ricardo,

>From our README:

The goal of this guix channel is to provide packages and services that are:

* Yet to be merged upstream.
* In alpha or beta stage of development.
* Customized to certain use-cases.
* Nightly releases.

To expound on the above a bit:

> Yet to be merged upstream.

You can think of GuixRUs as a pre-release channel for software that is waiting 
to be reviewed upstream.

Sometimes patches can sit for a while while waiting for upstream review
and GuixRUs hopes to alleviate some of this anxiety by providing those
patches as "pre-releases" in a community channel that makes them available
through an expedited review process. We're interested in developing tooling
to help facilitate this ambitious endeavour.

> In alpha or beta stage of development.

We'll make grumble available through GuixRUs and provide a service:

Another software that is in heavy development but useable:

> Nightly releases.

GuixRUs will start by tracking olive-editor nightlies:

> What's the intended process to avoid this?

Packages that are suitable for upstream will be sent in batches. 

whereiseveryone community are active contributors and we'll make sure to send 
over any developments suitable for upstream.

We welcome anyone to help contribute in those efforts. 

Feel free to upstream anything in GuixRUs that you see suitable if we don't get 
around to it.

If you remember to list the original author/packager when upstreaming from 
GuixRUs it would be much appreciated.

The first batch to be sent from GuixRUs for upstream will be these emacs 
packages we recently packaged:

> Customized to certain use-cases.

I recently forked vis to provide language server protocol support "out of the 

We're also packaging all the suckless patches for dwm, st, dmenu,
surf, etc... and making them available as guile variables/code in order
to easily assemble your own suckless forks with guix[2][3]. In other words,
GuixRUs can also be thought of as a library for assembling your own suckless 

> Is only free software acceptable in this channel?

Yes, we only accept free software. GuixRUs is a free software bazaar.

GuixRUs is at the service of assisting upstream and the Guix community at large.

all best,



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