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Re: guix show --bibtex (was: How to compute SWHID? (with Guix/Disarchive

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: guix show --bibtex (was: How to compute SWHID? (with Guix/Disarchive))
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2021 18:39:18 +0100


On Tue, 7 Dec 2021 at 18:07, Liliana Marie Prikler
<> wrote:

> Given that `guix show' output is well-structured (it uses the Recutils
> format), couldn't you post-process to form a bibtex file?  In
> particular, you could use recfmt IIUC.

Good idea.  For an trivial example,

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
$ cat bibtex.tmpl
@example{ {{name}}@{{version}},
title      = {{name}},
url        = {{home-page}},
license    = {{license}},
abstract   = {{synopsis}},
swhid      = {swh:1:...},
repository = "WE HAVE THAT INFO",
author     = "?????",
date       = "?????",

$ guix show hello | recfmt -f bibtex.tmpl
@example{ hello@2.10,
title      = hello,
url        = 0.000000,
license    = GPL 3+,
abstract   = Hello, GNU world: An example GNU package  ,
swhid      = {swh:1:...},
repository = "WE HAVE THAT INFO",
author     = "?????",
date       = "?????",
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

However, 2 minor annoying comments:

 1. SWHID is not computed by "guix show".
 2. Typing the path to the template; aside recutils is not installed
by default, IIRC.

Well, #2 could be solved with something under ~/.config/guix/current/bin.

About #1, it requires some work and I am not convinced I would like
that Guix does it each time I call "guix show".

> That said, there would be stuff like author etc. missing from Guix'
> metadata.  What kind of output were you hoping to produce?

As much fields as possible.  As the example above more or less.  Well,
use bibtex-software as decribe here:


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