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Re: How to compute SWHID? (with Guix/Disarchive)

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: How to compute SWHID? (with Guix/Disarchive)
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2021 13:43:54 +0100
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zimoun <> skribis:

> Giving a look at Disarchive, I found how to compute Git-based
> serialization hash and somehow serialization methods of "guix hash"
> needs some clearning; considering '--recursive' is 'nar' serialization
> which is a better name.  Anyway, see [1]. :-)


> I would like to add SWH-based serialization hash but I do not find if
> a function already does the hard work.  Any pointer?

I think it’s ‘git-hash-directory’ in (disarchive git-hash).

The other day I learned that the Git CLI ignores empty directories, but
the Git format itself has nothing against empty directories.  Thus SWH
serializes in exactly the same way as Git.

(Can you confirm, Timothy?)

> Moreover, I would like to add* a new export format to "guix show"
> using BibTeX format proposed by SWH.  It would help when writing
> paper. ;-)

That’d be fun!  Maybe we need a separate tool set for scientific


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