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Re: [GNUnet-developers] Icon & other stuff

From: Milan
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] Icon & other stuff
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 11:39:26 +0100
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Christian Grothoff a écrit :
> Dear Milan,
> I'm not sure what's exactly "wrong" with the existing gnunet-gtk tray logo, 
> but of course suggestions for improvements are welcome.  Looking at your 
> icons, I don't think the shield is at all recognizable.  I don't think a key 
> or a shield are a problem with respect to GNU's philosophy -- the bigger 
> question for me is how the key would really relate to GNUnet (use of 
> encryption != key in my book).  I also wonder if an earth-network with the 
> GNU horns is not enough -- especially for 24x24...
Nothing is really wrong (apart the issue with transparency which only
affects people using transparent panels like me, so not a real problem)
- it is just that we can make it nicer, more attractive and clearer. I
much more like the new GNU horns shape, and the new proposition I make
respects the Tango guidelines, so will suit better in desktops.

The shield icon was simply to show you another option, but just forget
it. As for the key, nothing is necessary, if you prefer the earth &
horns alone, I can remove it. The only matter is that, as I said, the
earth with horns doesn't fill the square when I choose the nicer
proportions. So either I have to let blank space up and down, or I must
add something above or under the earth. Even with the key, this is a
problem. Any ideas ?
> For the Debian package: I've not tested the gdksu stuff recently.  If it is 
> stable, I'd certainly recommend to the Debian maintainers to enable it by 
> default.  Maybe they can comment on this?  Filing a bug report against the 
> Debian package certainly seems like the right thing to do.
I do this, we'll see what they say. Packaging is much reactive
currently: 0.7.2c is already in Debian.
> Finally, there is a new *feature* that allows you to disable finding your own 
> content.  This is an option (!) in gnunet.conf (client configuration!).  The 
> idea is that you would usually NOT want to see what you are sharing as a 
> search result.  You can change the value using gnunet-setup.
OK, I did not know it was also hiding *inserted* (not indexed) content.
Nice option on the long run, maybe it would be good to tell it in the
Welcome page, since when they try this new network, people always check
whether it is working or not, and may be disappointed.

Good hacking!

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