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Re: gnue-designer

From: Randall Whitman
Subject: Re: gnue-designer
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 17:30:30 -0700

Here is what I have so far as a GNUe Designer task list:

0. load/launch program without fatal error - done 2010-09-28
1. Backends vs deprecated GConnections functions (non-critical?)
2. AttributeError: 'GFEntry' object has no attribute 'dispatch_designer_event'
   upon attempt to add any object (Label/Box) to new (or existing) form.
3. Do not put maxlength attribute in <field> element, as Forms now
   strictly forbids it.  (dependent on #2 to test)
4. Managed Layout instead of x-y coordinate layout  (dependent on #2 to test)
   o. intelligible & self-explanatory prompts
   a. create v-box
   b. create h-box
   c. create entry - partly to highly similar as current
   d. create label - unchanged interface or match structure, i.e.
         UI goes thru the entry rather than independent.
   e. move elements in & out of, and between, h/v-boxes
   f. is it possible to specify entry sizes with managed layout?
   g. will it be possible to specify 2-D alignment of boxes as in
      forms/samples/layout/absolute.gfd ?
5. Open/Load either legacy (0.5) or current (0.6) GFD format files.
   (Forms does this.  maybe Designer gets free ride on Forms.)
6. Can we give the option to migrate old to new?
   As discussed briefly with Reinhard (IRC), may be no well-defined
   mapping from old to new - layout implying structure vs structure
   deriving layout.

Randall Whitman

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