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[gfsd]YOUR FREE 0870 NUMBER!

Subject: [gfsd]YOUR FREE 0870 NUMBER!
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 14:53:22 +0200

Would YOU like

a FREE 0870 Number?


Simply fill in the registration form below and we will send it to you. ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Are there any hidden catches? NO!

With an 0870 number from TeleLines UK

There is NO set up fee!

NO monthly Fees!

NO quarterly fees!

NO Yearly fees!

Also there are NO minimum use limits so if you only receive one call a year it does not matter.



of having an 0870 number!

1. With 0870 number you can operate in a larger area because your Business is not regionalized. This means that an 0870 number is perfect for the INTERNET!

(It is a fact that when people are looking for a service they do not consider companies that are outside their telephone code area. With 0870 number you can be anywhere in the country and your customers wont know it!).

How much business are you losing?

2. An 0870 number actually encourages serious customers to call you first!

When someone is seriously looking for a service or wanting to buy something specific they will contact every number that offers it. With your 0870 number you appear larger and more professional than the rest so you must have what they are looking for!

3. 0870 numbers can make your company appear larger and more established! How?

For example one 0870 number could be for technical support, another 0870 number for the complaints line, another 0870 number for sales and another 0870 number for enquires BUT all of these numbers can be directed to the same telephone!

4. Use a 0870 number as your complaints line. It is a fact that people are more focused and less inclined to stay on the telephone a long time when they know they are paying to complain!

5. Having an 0870 number deters time wasters and sales calls!

Many business waste hours per week in unproductive telephone calls! Time is money!

An 0870 number is an asset to your business and

from TeleLines UK

it is FREE!

"There is nothing to lose and everything to gain"!

What if I currently have a 0870 number supplied to me by BT or Cable and Wireless could I change over? YES!

Doing so would immediately save you over £120 per year. As you know they are charging you £30 per quarter.

With TeleLines UK there are no fees at all!

AND You would keep the same number!

How do I get my

0870 number?

Simply press this



and fill in the form.

Within 48 hours your new numbers will be ready to use.

Please Note: It is not possible to connect an 0870 number onto a mobile telephone.

TeleLines UK

All callers that call a TeleLine UK 0870 number pay ONLY 10p per minute any time of the day or night from anywhere in the UK!

"The Best 0870 Solution in the UK"

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