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[gfsd]GnuCap mailing lists

From: Al Davis
Subject: [gfsd]GnuCap mailing lists
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 19:17:49 -0600

I am finally ready to upload GnuCap, the Gnu Circuit Analysis Package.

Can you set up the mailing lists?

At this point, I am thinking of four lists:

bug-gnucap, help-gnucap, develop-gnucap, and info-gnucap.

Does this make sense to you?

"info-gnucap" is a read-only low volume list where we post 
announcements about releases or other important events.

"develop-gnucap" is for general discussions about the development of 
GnuCap. Anything relevant to the development or testing and not 
covered by other mailing lists is suitable for discussion here.  
Discussions about modeling and the theory of simulation are welcome 

"help-gnucap" is for general discussions about the use of GnuCap.  It 
is expected that this list will be less technical than the 
develop-gnucap list.  Any discussions about the use of GnuCap are 
welcome here.

"bug-gnucap" is for bug reports and general discussion about bugs in 

Some aliases will also be good.  "announce-gnucap" can be an alias 
for "info-gnucap".  I have noticed that other Gnu packages use 

I have the "candidate" release package and web package ready, almost. 
 You can preview it at .  I 
plan to upload it to the GNU site as soon as the accounts and mailing 
lists are in place.


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