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[gfsd]Pliant debate

From: Hubert Tonneau
Subject: [gfsd]Pliant debate
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 19:55:11 GMT

A different way to describe you Pliant might be:

It's the only way to run a server providing real services (HTTP, DNS, etc)
running only GPL softwares, but no GNU software (Pliant is completely
self contained so could work without even glibc)

That's why I advocated to Mr Stallman at some time saying: ok, you have
the GNU project which is now fairly stable, but based on older technologies
(C programming language and Unix like tools). Now it's time to start a new
one that will face the futur, and could be serious alternative to things
like .NET
Pliant is that because it can bring an overall consistency, but Mr Stallman
told me that GNU as it is (mainly a set of C based applications, with Guile
as the macro language) is his ultimate goal. Too sad.

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